About the school

"King David" is an educational institution, a university for children, based on an international, innovative and unique plan. It is part of an international network of schools that will soon be operating in different cities throughout the world. The first school in the network will be established and will operate in the Kfar-Ganim Gimel neighborhood in Petach Tikva in September 2018, and will start with two first-grade classes and two second-grade classes.

The school's team will give your child personalized attention and will be there at every step of their development, escorting the pupils as they grow and progress to further grades.

The school will aim to inspire its pupils with a warm, pleasant and supporting atmosphere. Utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment and labs, we will equip each pupil to succeed in their own unique way.

The school will empower the children and will encourage them to be responsible and independent, all within a safe and relaxed family setting.

"King David" will work hard to impart moral values and educate the children to love ‘Torah with Derech Eretz’.


Maximizing the potential of every one of our pupils. Promoting significant and quality learning that will lead to educational achievements, self-fulfillment and excellence.

The way to achieve these targets:

  • - Giving a chance to each pupil to succeed in their own unique way.
  • - Inspiring the pupils, encouraging enthusiasm, curiosity and the joy to explore and study.
  • - Assisting the pupils to develop analytical thinking and decision-making skills.
  • - Teaching practical knowledge through experiential education.
  • - Instilling in students positive self-image, openness, sensitivity and responsibility, towards themselves and toward the community.

The Educational Model

The "King David" School has a harmonious educational model that will combine Torah education at the highest level with quality general education, giving your child the necessary tools to deal with whatever life brings them. Another model the educational system is based upon is "personal coaching". We not only assist in studies, but we also provide each pupil with guidance and the tools necessary to define and achieve personal goals, overcome obstacles, and maintain motivation while increasing self-confidence, self-awareness and faith in personal ability to succeed. Our educational model will emphasize the creation of a challenging, experience-led atmosphere that encourages curiosity and thinking.

Only 36 carefully selected pupils will learn at the school, like the Talmud’s "36 righteous ones". In every class there will be only nine pupils, ensuring personal attention to each pupil. As part of our educational model, we will encourage our pupils with the Jewish values of Mitzvot, charity, loving-kindness, volunteering and helping others.

The teachers

Our team of teachers will be chosen with great care and will be qualified to lead the next school year, expanding the curriculum to include progressive technologies, with the participation of "Google Israel" and the "ORT" network.

The Curriculum

Our curriculum, approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education, was carefully planned to suit the developmental stages of every age. The curriculum include studies in Hebrew, English, Mathematics, Torah, Talmud, Halacha and Mussar.

We will provide enrichment classes, such as music, technology, science, art, gymnastics, painting, cooking, computers and swimming. We already begin teaching English, for example, from first grade, using a variety of methods, including exercises and experience-led activities that will assist in the assimilation of the material.

Nutrition and proper eating habits

Studies clearly show that a child's life can be changed by nutrition, and that healthy nutrition extends life expectancy and immeasurably improves its quality. "King David" is based on a healthy lifestyle and proper eating habits. We will supply healthy organic meals (under Badatz supervision) twice daily.

In addition, a light snack will be served in the afternoons. The meals will contain important nutrients for healthy growth and development: Proteins, vegetables, fruits and grains. The vast majority of the food will be organic, i.e. grown naturally, without chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, medicines, hormones, genetic engineering, preservatives or food colorings.

The non-profit organization behind "King David"

The foundation and the people behind the "King David" school

The King David School is a project of the "Private Redemption" Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, California. For over ten years, the "Private Redemption" Foundation has supported actions and organizations that exist to make the world a better place, and works tirelessly to ensure a more serene future for the next generation. The Foundation’s primary goal is to support efforts to empower a generation of happy, fulfilled, self-sufficient and overwhelmingly kind people. The organization supplies solutions and tools for people in need, in order to strengthen and encourage them to move from a state of dependency and despair to a state of independence and hope. The preliminary target audience is mothers and children. Click Here to Read more

Eric Rollman

Mr. Rollman is the Chief Strategy Officer of "Private Redemption", and works also as the CEO of "Rollman Entertainment", an organization dedicated to producing and distributing high-quality children and family entertainment.

"Rollman Entertainment" has a laundry list of impressive accomplishments, including six Emmy nominations. Mr. Rollman is a seasoned creator, producer and executive with an ultra-impressive resume, including president of "Marvel Television, Animation and Distribution", and he served for a decade as the president of Haim Saban's production company, which created thousands of hours of animated children's programs, including the “Power Rangers", one of the most successful in the history of children's programs.

Moshe Ross

Chair of Business Development and one of the Foundation’s most generous benefactors.

He has an undergraduate degree and certification in Early Childhood Education, a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, graduating Magna Cum Laude and is the recipient of the Alumni Award for Excellence. Extensive substitute teaching experience in Jewish day schools and adult Jewish education programs. After a very successful career in software and marketing companies, Mr. Ross now dedicates himself to laying out the long-term financial strategies of "Private Redemption".

Emanuel Bat Joshua

President and Founder of "Private Redemption".

She was a successful singer and producer in Israel. After a spiritual awakening, Emanuel turned her energy and attention toward a life of social justice and acts of loving kindness through organizations she founded, including the "Private Redemption" Foundation.